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When Should You See a Sports Medicine Physician

Sports and exercise can be a lot of fun. You’re either competing against others or yourself. Unfortunately, doing this does put you at risk of being injured. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), in 2021, around 409,000 people were injured by exercise equipment. When should you just rest, and when should you see a sports medicine physician? Here are some things to look out for:

You Might Have a Fracture

Did you take a tumble while cycling? Does the area that you hurt have a different appearance? You might have fractured something. That’s a sign that you need to see a sports medicine physician and have them take a look at you. They will take X-rays and come up with the best treatment.

You Can’t Put Weight on the Injured Area, or It Feels Weak

Were you playing tag football and trying to make a quick cut upfield only to find yourself on the ground? You could have injured your anterior cruciate ligament. Were you pitching in a baseball game and suddenly felt weakness in your arm? You could have hurt your ulnar collateral ligament. In either case, you need to see a sports medicine professional. They might recommend surgery and rehabilitation.

The Pain Is Getting Worse

A lot of injuries just need you to rest for a few days to a week in order to recover. If you find that the pain’s getting worse, not better, or if you notice things like redness and swelling, then you need to get help from a sports medicine professional. There could be something going on that needs medical attention. If you wait too long, it could get infected and require things like medication or even surgery.

The main idea of this whole post is that you should seek help from someone trained in sports medicine if you find that your injury is more severe than you initially thought. By doing that, you’ll be improving your chances that you’ll be back out on the field in no time. That will make your being proactive well worth it.

Are you looking for a sports medicine physician in your area? We can help you treat your injury and get back on the road to recovery. Call our team at Nolo Ortho to schedule an appointment today.

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